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Let’s start from medical transcription definition. Known as MT, medical transcriptions involve putting recordings into text format. Generally, these recordings are of reports dictated by healthcare professionals. The job of a medical transcriber is not as a simple as just writing dictation down, it also involves interpretation of the recordings into results and reports. For this reason, it can take up to 18 months to become a certified medical transcriber, although there are medical transcription help services available. Transcription is also often required in law and business. These transcriptions can be very time consuming so frequently professionals are hired through external companies to produce high-quality transcriptions where trained staff are few and far between.

General Information about Medical Transcription Help

Transcriptions are important because information is far more accessible in text form. They aid clarity and ensure completeness of supplied data.  After examination of patients physicians will dictate information about the examination, diseases, tests, diagnoses and patient history. Due to the medical terminology used as well as often heavy accents and rapid speech transcribers must have extensive knowledge of the field to do their job well. Unlike an executive dictating to their secretary, and the experts will prepare a special medical transcription format as well as convert speech to a formal written document.

Training is not time-consuming but it is extensive with accredited medical transcription schools providing courses that can take up to 18 months. Many schools now provide training from home, much like most of your work would be once qualified. Further qualifications include an associate’s degree in applied science in medical transcription which will take two years. Of course, like all careers, the more qualifications the better!

Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription and editing is time-consuming and requires a good deal of training; the more experience in it the better to ensure a quality of reports. Many choose to outsource their transcription needs and pay companies for their services. It allows busy physicians some extra time as transcription can be particularly time-consuming work!
Medical transcription websites:
  • – Provide transcription services to the NHS in the UK as well as private companies. Over 70 NHS Trusts and 30,000 people use their services.
  • – Sterling transcription is used by BMI Healthcare and the NHS in the UK and advertises highly experienced, flexible, thorough and cost-effective transcribers.
  • – Can provide the CV of your transcriber and offer a Phone In service to reduce the number of digital recorders needed by a hospital or practice.
  • – The medical team are AMSPAR qualified or have previously worked with the NHS guaranteeing a high level of experience. Minimum contracts are not needed because clients only pay for the time they use. Provide services for InterHealth Canada and the NHS.

Advantages to transcription services are extensive:

  • Reduced time required to produce transcriptions as companies designed for this purpose are more efficient.
  • Reduction of cost; dict8 estimate up to 50%!
  • Companies can provide a solution where backlogs occur at peak times and staff are not available to catch up.
  • Transcribers are generally well trained so error rates are decreased.
  • Hospitals needn’t hire temporary staff to transcribe and staff is the transcription company’s responsibility to sick days and cover are not a consideration to be made.
  • Secretaries can focus on organisational and PR roles rather than needing to worry about time-consuming transcriptions.
  • Systems within these companies tend to be well established already giving management peace of mind.
  • It is important to ensure the company you choose follows medical guidelines are Data Protection Acts.
  • Testimonials can give you a fairly accurate impression of a company’s success rates.
  • With the internet has come lots of review websites that allow you to browse the best company to fit your needs.
  • Security is usually taken care of by the company who are up to date to protect their interests.
  • Outsourcing abroad gives the benefit of time zones allowing US clients to receive transcriptions overnight from Indian companies, for example.
  • Expensive medical transcription equipment like software and voice recognition are not an investment that has to fall on the hospital or practice.
  • Existing staff do not require extra training for transcription.
  • Allows staff to focus on their primary roles.
  • Record maintenance is often included and far more streamlined than that of a hospital.
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Our Medical Transcription Help Service

Our cheap transcription services provide a fast, affordable and accurate transcription help. Specializing in not only healthcare but also business and academia this is your one stop shop for high quality and affordable transcription services!

There are a number of guarantees and services they can offer:

  • Provide free proofreading of your transcription.
  • Offer a quote for transcription, allowing you to compare prices.
  • $0.89 per minute!
  • Audio, video and interview transcriptions are accepted.
  • Adaptability sets them apart with a variety of skilled and experienced transcribers at your fingertips.
  • Foreign language transcriptions are available.
  • Verbatim transcriptions.
  • Promise not to be beaten on price so affordable for students and companies alike!
  • Money back offered if you are not happy with your transcription.
  • Services are at least 98% accurate.
  • Dictations are accepted via a variety of platforms including hosting sites, Google Drive and Youtube.
  • Testimonials are available from a variety of clients.
  • Customer care assistance is there for you around the clock.
  • Full and easy to understand list of terms and conditions to ensure you know where you stand!

Transcription can be a time consuming and frustrating effort, particularly if you are inexperienced. Often it is worth going to an established company for their services to ensure you are getting top quality transcriptions. However, extensive training is available if outsourcing is not the route for you. Research is key to making sure you decide on the right option for you and often it is both cheaper and easier to simply go to a professional!

Follow our guide to set you on your way to top quality transcriptions! Take our advice and get in touch with our medical transcription help team!