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Would you need to use a transcription website?

Transcription is quite simply taking the spoken word from a recording and typing it as text. However it is in fact very far from being simple to do. While it is very easy to record your audio or video file using anything from dedicated recorders to your cell phone turning those words into text is not so simple. You have to be able to manipulate the file to bring out the voice, reduce background noise as well as being able to pause and restart the audio as you type. In addition to this you have to be an accomplished typist and of course have extraordinary listening skills to be able to write what is actually being said, especially with so many different accents. This is why most people will need to turn to transcription service providers for the necessary skills.

Finding a good transcription website

There are many sites out there on the internet; the trick is finding one that you can rely on for quick and accurate transcription. Many of the sites do not actually provide transcription themselves; they will hire someone if and when they get an order. They will give the work to whoever charges them the least irrespective of qualifications or suitability for the work. So your work might be done by someone that really knows nothing at all about cheap transcription and may not even speak the right language. Some also use software to do the transcription and that is highly unreliable at best. This is why you need to use a professional transcription website such as ours.

Easy transcription through our site

Our transcription website is very easy to use and is staffed by some of the very best transcribers online. We employ only suitably qualified and highly experienced transcription personnel and select the one that has relevant qualifications and language skills to work on your specific project. So if you had a medical report to transcribe or a legal interview we would ensure that the person doing the work would have suitable experience and qualifications to provide an accurate transcription. Our services are available around the clock and provide very short lead times.

We guarantee our transcription website

If you are looking to use a cheap transcription service website for the first time you will want to know that your money is safe; this is why we provide you with a full money back guarantee for our services. You can order from us in complete safety and should we not meet your expectations we will either correct the problems to your satisfaction or we will refund your cash. We offer a full range of transcription services in a variety of different languages. We can give you verbatim transcription with time stamps or we can provide you with fully edited work suitable for academic reports and papers. Whatever your transcription needs our transcription website is here to provide it perfectly.

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