Medical Transcription: Types of Hospital Medical Reports

medical transcription types of hospital medical reports

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In medical transcription, there are types of medical reports, and these are exactly what we’re going to present at this short presentation.

medical transcriptTypes of Medical Reports

  1. History and Physical: A report usually dictated by the admitting resident or doctor when a patient is admitted to a hospital, it is one of the reports done by a medical transcriptionist.

  2. Consultation: Usually a report from the dictation of a doctor whom the admitting doctor has referred the patient into.

  3. Operative report: This is a medical report coming from the dictation of the operating physician and containing detailed information about an operative procedure.

  4. Discharge summary: Usually a report obtained from the dictation of the admitting physician narrating the patient’s stay in the facility.

  5. Radiology report: This is the report dictated by the radiologist upon the completion of a diagnostic procedure and which includes all the findings and impression of the radiologist.

  6. Pathology report: This is a report from the dictation of a pathologist describing the findings of a tissue sample.

  7. Laboratory report: It illustrates or describes any findings from the examinations of all bodily fluids, including from urinalysis and blood levels.

  8. Miscellaneous reports: These include all other hospital reports, such as cardiac catherizations, electrophysiology studies and phacoemulsification.

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