Manual Versus Automatic Transcription

People are asking which is better among the manual and the automatic transcription. There are many people looking for transcription and are asking which is the better solution for them. So, in today’s post you will learn which one can become a better option: manual versus automatic transcription. Although both are helpful in transcribing the documents you need for reports, references, scholarly files, academic papers and so many more, there are some difference that you should know.

Manual Versus Automatic Transcription

Some people think that a manual transcription is very traditional or old school. It’s the type of transcription that will involve the use of audio or video files that have to be written into text such as simple text or PDF, to name some. Manual transcription service is better than automated ones are manual transcription allows accuracy that’s very useful in all industries such as the media, legal and medicine to name some. When compared manual versus automatic transcription, most people still choose the traditional manual way as it produces accurate results than automatic transcriptions. It comes at a high accuracy rate of more than 95 percent.

Which Is a Better Transcription Service?

If you want only the best results in the service, you may want to choose manual ones as these are done by humans who have the ability to correct any errors and transcribe efficiently. Although, you cannot discount the automatic ones can also be helpful, they are not producing professional results especially if you want a high accuracy rate. Automatic transcriptions cannot detect any slurred words especially if the spoken words come at heavy, not understandable speech. This may result in a low accuracy rate that can become a hassle for you. When it comes to loud surrounding noise, heavy accents and poor audio or video, then you may choose manual transcription service.

Get Help Only From Professionals in Transcription Service

You’re sure to get the best results if you would hire professional transcriptionists when you need transcriptions. Call up your chosen company online and get the most of your spending for a transcription service. Now that you know the comparison results on manual versus automatic transcription, you can better decide which a better transcription help is!