Legal Transcription Services UK

What Is Legal Transcription?

Legal transcription is the process of transcribing various recordings into a written format. In other words writing down what is being said on a recording. It may be necessary in many different situations where clarity and full understanding of the audio and video files being used is essential. This could be in legal briefings, witness interviews or virtually any other aspect of the law. Often for legal transcription UK law professionals turn to a service as opposed to keeping a legal transcriber on staff.

Why Outsource Legal Transcriptions?

Some of the reasons for outsourcing legal transcription services UK professionals have are fairly obvious. For a firm to keep a full time trained legal transcriber on staff it may prove to be too costly if they aren’t needed on a regular basis. It may be far more cost effective and practical to contract out various transcription needs as they come along. At the same time aside from cost factors, a professional legal transcriber who works at it every day is more likely to be able to provide an accurate transcription in a shorter time than somebody who only works at transcribing sporadically.

Legal Transcription Services UK Requirements for Outsourcing

Once it has been determined it will be beneficial to outsource legal transcription services UK users of such services must determine their needs and requirements. Accuracy is always a priority in any legal transcription. To provide the quality of transcription needed transcribers must be fluent in the English language. Too many companies are using transcribers with only little English language capabilities. Legal transcription services UK law deals with must have the proper proficiency with the English language. They should also be using transcribers with a legal background. While it may seem quite obvious to some this is clearly not the case. Many legal transcription services UK customers are being offered are using transcribers with no legal background at all, let alone a legal background from the UK. The possibility of getting a quality transcription in such a case is practically nonexistent. Meeting time requirements is also extremely important in dealing with legal transcription services. There may be court dates that must be met, contract deadlines to be met or a plethora of other reasons for demanding on time completion of transcription jobs. Confidentiality of all information is a must.

A basic checklist for receiving quality legal transcription services UK customers might want follows:

  • Qualified experienced transcribers fluent in English with a background in UK law
  • Dependable timely delivery of transcriptions
  • Always available customer service 24/7
  • Complete confidentiality in all matters
  • Affordable pricing.

Every legal matter is different in some way from all others. In other respects there are some things that remain consistent for all. For legal transcriptions UK customers want companies providing such services to adhere to certain standards such as the above, as our company does with its legal transcription services.