Irish transcription services

Do you need Irish transcription services?

Irish Gaelic or Gaeilge can be recorded just like any other language on video or audio. This can be done for anything from training courses and interviews to even dictating a paper in Irish. The problem with a recording however is that it will not be easy to scan through to find information and will not be acceptable for things such as your thesis; it needs to be transcribed into a text format accurately to be of any real use. This takes a lot of time and will need someone that can perform transcription in Irish, a skill that is not going to be easy to find.

Finding Someone to transcribe Irish online

Irish transcription is offered by many of the services online but many of them are not really going to be capable of providing you with the service that you really need. Many will use a freelancer who is neither an expert in the language nor in transcription, only hiring them due to their low cost. You have to ensure that you find a professional transcription service that will provide you with a qualified transcriber who has native level skills in Gaelic Irish. You also have to be very careful with finding someone that can cope with the wide range of Irish accents that you are going to encounter.

Our superior Irish language transcribers

We want our transcription service to be the best on the net and that means ensuring that we always have happy customers that will return time after time to use our affordable transcription services. This means we have to staff out Irish transcription services with fully qualified transcribers who have native level Irish language skills as well as the skills required to understand the many different and varied accents that they are going to hear. Our transcribers have all of the skills that are required to ensure that you will always receive transcriptions completed with the very highest levels of accuracy no matter what the condition of the original recording.

Full guarantees for our Irish transcription

By hiring the very best staff to provide your Irish transcription we can confidently provide you with a full money back guarantee as we know that you will receive the very best. Our staff provide the best accuracy available online and can provide transcriptions that are written in any format that you require. Transcriptions can be either verbatim or they can be fully proofread and edited to remove all of the pauses and other issues from within the original recording that you provided. If you want to use the best Irish transcription service available online all you need to do is complete the order form here and we will do the rest.

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