If transcriptionist needed…

Why would a transcriptionist be needed?

If you want to create a report in a hurry it is sometimes easier to dictate what you want to write direct into a voice recorder but obviously after there will be a transcriptionist needed to get those words onto the computer. It is also very easy to record on audio tracks or video things like conferences and interviews, these recordings are not easy to scan or search through so most of the time we need a written version of what was said. A transcriptionist is needed to convert those works into text but most companies will no longer employ someone to undertake this work so you will have to find a specialist service to do it for you.

Where can you find reliable transcription services?

If a transcriptionist is needed and you search online you are going to find many different sites and companies that will offer you accurate transcription services. The problem will be if they can provide you with a service that will actually meet your needs. You need to look at the companies long and hard to see if they offer;

  • Transcriptionists that are fully qualified
  • Offer services that can distinguish between different accents
  • Provide very high levels of accuracy (99% or more)
  • Offer specialist transcription services such as legal or medical

Our transcriptionists are the best

Our transcriptionists are hired based on superior qualifications and ability. When transcriptionists needed we carefully select those that can demonstrate real skill at transcription as well as holding relevant qualifications. This ensures that you are going to be working with the very best and that the accuracy that they produce will be very high. In addition to being qualified in transcription itself we also match our transcriptionists qualifications against the subject areas of your affordable transcription, so if you have medical transcription to be done it will be done by someone with medical expertise who will fully understand the terms being used.

Transcriptionists needed to provide guaranteed work

Our cheap transcription services are provided with a full guarantee. This means if you are not happy with anything that our transcriptionist provides it will either be improved to your satisfaction quickly at no additional cost or your money will be returned. This allows you to order from us in the confidence that you are going to lose nothing. Our service provides the very best and can also give you translation services, editing and proofreading as well as services such as time stamps. If a transcriptionist is needed just get in touch with us and we will find you the very best to match your project.