How We Work

Converting the spoken word into a written form is something that many organizations need, from transcribing minutes of meetings to detailing the CEOs speech or even revealing what clients have to say during a survey. However, where once many organizations would have had their own professional typist to provide support as a professional transcriber most organizations will now subcontract this type of work out.

Subcontracting your transcription work to a professional typist through our service could not be easier, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Order Professional Transcription

Just go to the order page on our website and complete:

  • Your personal or company details (All details shared are fully confidential and will not be shared with any third party)
  • Tell us what transcription you need and any details regarding style and format
  • Make your secure payment

Step 2: We Get in Touch with You

Once you have made your order we will:

  • Select the most appropriate professional typist from our pool of professional transcribers
  • They will review your order requirements
  • They will contact you via email or through our 24/7 service for any required clarification

Step 3: We Assign Professional Transcriptionist to Your Order

Your order will then be processed by our professional typist and transcriber who will quickly and efficiently provide your transcription within your stated deadline. They will:

  • Conduct transcription
  • Ensure formatting and content is correct
  • Provide you with document for approval

Step 4: Transcript Review and Revision

If for any reason you feel that our professional typist has not produced an accurate representation of what has been said we will happily repeat the exercise free of charge to check what has been transcribed, or we will return your money.

Step 5: Order Completion

Once you have approved your transcription and have taken delivery of the finished document we will automatically delete your document and your audio or video file securely ensuring your full confidentiality.

Why select our service?

With full confidentiality assured, the very best transcribers in the business and a full satisfaction guarantee you really have zero risk when you use our professional transcribers and typists. Unlike some other online transcription services we will provide you with your highly accurate transcription on time every time you come to us.

We are happy to provide any form of transcription service through our professional typists and transcribers and will always work hard to ensure your total and complete satisfaction with all that we provide. We pride ourselves regarding the number of transcription customers that return to us for additional work once they receive quality work through our professional transcription service.

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