How We Work on Online Transcription

transcription onlineYou will be amazed at how simple it is to hire our services for online transcription. We have a seamless format as you will see on the order form. Whereas other sites require you to set up an account, doesn’t have that requirement at all. First of all you can check to see what the cost will be to receive transcription online.

To do this you only have to complete the following:

  • The duration of the audio or video recording you want to submit for online transcriptions

  • The number of speakers from one to more than 5 people

  • The turnaround time in which you need to receive the transcription. These range from our standard services to same day transcriptions online.

  • The language your audio/video is in

  • The quality of the recording you are sending us

The estimate generator will then send you an approximate price for the work you need done.

How to order online transcription from us

The process is very simple when you need to place an order for online transcription from our service.

  • Choose the transcription service that you need.

  • Attach the digital file you want for transcription or send it later via email.

  • Pay for the service online.

  • Receive our confirmation via email.

  • Get complete proofread transcript right on time.

Once we receive the order we determine the proper transcriber to handle the project. This will depend on the type of online transcriptions and the language involved. We have transcribers for all sorts of projects, such as:

What you can expect from online transcription with us

online transcriptionsWe guarantee that you will be pleased with the service you receive when you hire us for online transcription. We have a strict privacy policy in place so that your confidentiality is assured. We will not release any information about your transcription or your personal information to any third party. You can trust that none of the information in the files you send will be disclosed.

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the transcription. We do not use software for transcribing the files. Rather our transcription online is performed by actual transcribers who have the experience and knowledge to handle projects of any scope.

Get started with online transcription right away!