How We Transcribe Audio for You

People looking to transcribe audio can seek our services quite easily online through below mentioned step by step procedure. This procedure is to explain about, how to transcribe audio to text.

Place Order
Our online order form is a perfect answer to the question how to transcribe audio. You have to fill all the fields of the order form with sought out information. Here, upload your audio file too and we will plan well about how to transcribe audio files. We will transcribe audio for you quickly basing up on the supplied details in this step.
Payment for your transcribe audio task will be decided basing up on the volume. We have multiple payment options for your convenience. Also, payment information and credit card information of the client will never be revealed with third parties too. Our payment procedure is completely safe and secure too.
Transcribe Audio
Successful payment will initiate us to proceed with the audio transcribe task for the client. Our professional staff will work on the audio file and transcribes the same according to the given instructions in the order form. Our how to transcribe audio procedure will be carried out in coordination with the client. Constant update will be provided on the task with the client through email.
Our team will come up with the initial draft output for the task how to transcribe audio to text task. This draft output will be sent through mail for the client verification and comments. Every customer and client is free to verify the output and to offer reasonable comments and needed revisions or correction in it.
Final Output
We will receive the client’s comments and needed revision on the supplied draft in the process of transcribe audio files. Our team of experts will prepare the final output basing up on the client provided remarks. This final output will be sent for the approval to the client.