How We Provide Cheap Transcriptions

It is understandable that you’d feel a bit daunted when given a transcription job. Can you imagine the time it will take for you to accomplish a single transcription job without training? For those who are given the task of transcribing audio files into text files but don’t really have the skills or the experience to do so, it would be better if you seek outsource transcription services to help you out. Even if you are on a budget, there are still cheap transcriptions available just like ours.

How Our Cheap Transcriptions Work

  1. Get a Quote. Before we can start transcribing your audio file, you need to get an estimate from us first.
  2. Send Your Order. If you approve of our estimate, send us your order along with the files.
  3. Process the Payment. Choose among the payment methods available the one that works well for you.
  4. Transcribing Process. Once you’ve completed your payment, your order will be processed immediately.
  5. Get Transcribed File. You’ll receive your transcribed audio file before the deadline.

Get Affordable Transcription from Us

Cheap TranscriptionsWho said that you have to pay a lot just to get quality transcription? In our case, the rates are well within reason since we know that not everyone can afford what other transcription companies are asking. Compared to others, our service is cheaper and the best part is that you’re still getting the same quality service. It’s easy to hire us to work on your transcription. Once you send us your order and paid for it, we’ll let our transcriptionists handle the rest. For sure, you’ll never find another efficient not to mention affordable service like ours.

Transcribe Your Files Today!

Affordable TranscriptionDon’t waste your time or money when it comes to transcribing your audio files especially when cheap transcriptions are provided by us. We are confident that our service will be able to transcribe your audio files no matter how short or long it is. Once we accept your order, we’ll immediately let our expert transcriptionists get to work so that your files will be transcribed accurately and sent back to you on time.

Hire us today and let all your audio files be transcribed professionally!