How to Ensure Accurate Transcription: A Checklist

The importance of accurate transcription

Accurate TranscriptionTranscription is the process of taking the spoken word and turning it into written text. This is often used by professionals dictating their notes or documents, recording of interviews and meetings, and even for whole conferences. It has uses in almost every profession from medical and legal fields through to academic research. The spoken word is faster than typing so it is far easier to record something than type it directly and recording also allows you to concentrate fully on what you are doing in situations such as interviews. The issue however is then transcribing the recording. This is time consuming, requires intense concentration and at times can be inaccurate for a number of reasons such as:

  • Poor quality audio; background noise, incorrect recording levels, poor recording disciplines
  • Hard to understand accents
  • Misinterpretation of similar sounding words
  • Lack of subject understanding; terminology, word usage, acronyms

How to ensure accurate transcription

Most transcription services offer 98% or even 99% accuracy for their work; however that is of no comfort if they get that 1% error over a vital part of your transcription. Imagine if you are having medical notes transcribed and the drug name or the condition is misheard and transcribed incorrectly. Precise transcription is vital in many instances. The following will give some simple hints and ideas to ensure accurate transcription:

  • Make the transcribers job easier:
    • Use a good quality recorder with a microphone
    • Position the microphone for best sound quality
    • Test the recording quality before you start
    • Speak clearly and avoid talking over one another
    • Ensure that the transcriber is fully qualified and experienced
    • Ensure that the transcriber is qualified within the area of transcription (Medical, legal, technical transcriptions)
    • Use appropriate software and equipment. Software can reduce background noise and help with many other issues
    • Ensure that the transcribers highlight issues such as words they are not sure of; they should not guess
    • Have two transcribers transcribe the work and compare the results; this is often too expensive for many jobs
    • Proofread the transcription; the proofreader must be;
      • Experienced
      • Familiar with the subject including terminology used
      • Familiar with transcription protocols
      • Have the transcription reviewed and approved by the speaker

Transcription errors of some form are inevitable; after all transcribers are human also and we all make mistakes. But the checklist above should ensure that any errors are minimized and hopefully not in vital areas of the transcription.

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