How to Convert Audio File to Text Online

If you need audio to text conversion, tons of online technologies can be found online. Converting file is time consuming and a tedious task but when you have software that will help you, you will not much struggle in all the things you will do.

How To Convert Audio File To Text

Audio to text converters are available on the web but not all are willing to offer their tool for free but the good news is that there are free software you can to rely on. If you are wondering how to convert audio files to text or how to translate audio file, follow these steps.

  • Choose audio transcription application online. Be ready to convert your audio to text but take note that you need a microphone. There are many applications you can find online and each of them have different specifications so choose the right one for you or the one you will be contented to use.

  • Start to use the application online. Plug in the microphone in the audio jack and open the application.

  • Talk into the microphone and your audio will now begin to be converted in text file. If you are finished, you can save your file. Take note that you can also use this same process in converting audio books into text files.

  • Place your microphone enough to speakers so that the audio will be picked up.

  • Click the play button and begin to convert your file. In order to have the perfect outcome, you need to tweak few settings. There are things you need to do like adding punctuation but if you will only use it for personal use, this is not a big issue for you. When you submit the text online, be sure to proofread before submitting.

There you go the steps you need to do when you choose to convert your audio files to text online. There is no need to download or install anything on your computer. Keep in mind that there are free and paid services you can choose. If you have a budget, use paid service but if you don’t have, use the free service.