How Speech Recognition Transcription Works

Speech Recognition Transcription and its Advantages

Speech recognition transcription is an automated process wherein speech that has been recorded or is being broadcasted live is transcribed by means of a program. Transcription is fully automated and depends highly on a complicated set of algorithms built by programmers and linguists alike. The algorithm is based heavily on the accepted pronunciations of words and from here it automatically translates speech into text. This works handy for individuals who need quick transcribing. For telephone transcription, such a method works handy as speech is directly converted into text without having to undergo recording and additional optimization processes. With an automated speech recognition transcribing software, individuals can save a significant amount of money instead of choosing to hire the services of a transcriber. In addition, the transcription is acquired quickly as it is fully automated, instantly converting the speech into text with minimal time delay.

Disadvantages of automated Transcription of Speech

While speech recognition transcription offers significant advantages, several problems may be encountered by individuals using such software. As the automation of the speech recognition software is largely dependent on the standard pronunciation of words and standard simple grammar, dealing with speakers of heavier accents will be a problem in using the automated software. In addition, more complicated sentences dealing with complex sentence structures may cause some problems with the transcription. Furthermore, the transcription of speech from audio automatically is largely dictated as well by the sound quality. Automated transcription works best in recordings or audio with minimal background noise and high quality recorded sound. However, as this ideal situation is not always the case, issues may be encountered by the automated speech transcriptions. In these cases, manual transcription may be needed in order to proofread and to further check the information and the text in the written transcription. More time may be needed in doing such editing as an individual proofreading and editing has to listen to the audio in full while editing such documents. The use of automated speech recognition is indeed useful but several problems may be faced by users of such programs.

High Quality Transcription of Speech

Many individuals choose to use automated speech recognition transcription software as it provides a quicker alternative to manual transcription. In addition, individuals with zero experience in writing transcriptions can use these software products easily and create their own transcriptions without any effort. However, limitations are still experienced by such software. In this light, we provide high quality speech transcription, providing you with a quick turnaround rate and the highest accuracy. We can deal with audio that are not easily transcribed by different speech recognition software. We have experienced and professional transcriptionists who can provide you with the highest accuracy of transcriptions every single time. With us, you are assured of affordable service while at the same time gaining your maximum satisfaction for your transcription needs.