How Not to Be Scammed by Affordable Transcription Services

Affordable Transcription Services Scam

Choosing to outsource transcription typing services is a cost effective option as it allows companies to find affordable transcription services than finding full time secretarial staff solely dedicated to providing transcription services. Because of this, a lot of agencies have provided these outsourced services. However, some transcribing companies abuse these privileges and scam clients by providing them with unfinished and half-baked work, or overpricing them. There are ways of avoiding these scams.

Real Affordable Transcription

There are many transcription services claiming that they offer affordable transcription work however, some of these agencies scam corporations and companies needing their work. Do not fall for these scams and learn of the ways these services scam their prospective clients so you can avoid such situations. Here are the ways some agencies may choose to scam their clients.

  • Mistiming audio recordings

For per minute or per hour charges, some companies may mistime and add additional hours to your actual audio hours. Be wary of this and know the actual length of your audio when acquiring per hour services.

  • Formatting scam

For per page charging, some companies use a lot of blank space and choose formatting schemes where more pages are made. In order to avoid this, you must establish beforehand the formatting rules in order for you to not be scammed through formatting.

  • Not being able to deliver the transcribed audio on time

Worse is not being able to deliver the transcribed audio at all. You must be wary of such companies and read feedback to find reputable companies which provide reliable services.

Finding Reliable Affordable Transcription Services

Finding reliable affordable transcription services that are reliable and provide quality work may be a difficult task. However, being able to do so will work greatly to your advantage. It would be helpful to establish long-term relationships with a transcription company once you’ve found one. Finding a reliable transcription providing service may indeed be a monumental task but here are tips which you can follow to make your search easier.

  • Read feedback and testimonials of various transcription companies to find one that fits you best. Find reputable services in order for you to make sure that you find reliable companies to provide you with service.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute before you have your transcription done. Miscommunication can stem from rushing so it is advisable to not let your transcription needs be pushed back further. By availing of transcriptions earlier, your deadline can be met quicker and without rush, and you can avail of editing and provide additional feedback should you need additional services and further negotiations.

While it is indeed hard to find reliable transcription services at affordable rates, you need not look further as we provide both reliable and quality service, ensured to deliver on time. Contact us to find out more about our affordable transcription services and what we have to offer.