How General Transcription Companies Work

We are here to provide the best transcription service possible. There are a lot of general transcription companies out there but we are confident that our company will deliver the satisfaction you want. Here, we will explain how transactions with us work. You will see how hassle free and easy it is.

Easy and Straightforward

We made it easy for everybody to do business with us. We are dedicated to help you with your transcription needs so why make getting our help hard? We prepared the easiest way for you to get our services with these five easy steps.

general transcription companies

Step 1: Getting Estimates

The first step you need to take to have our professional transcription service is to get the price for a certain project. Just fill up simple form so you can get a quote on the price. Give us the duration of the recording. Then inform us about how many speakers present in the recording. Also, please include the deadline for the project at hand. We always make sure that we finish the job right on time. We value the uniqueness of every project so we are glad to hear from you about the specifications that you want. After filling up the details, you will receive an estimate of the total price of the project. We are pretty sure our estimates are one of the lowest in the market.


general transcription companyStep 2: Placing an Order

Now that you have the estimate for the project, it is time to place the order. Our easy to use website can help you upload any file that needs to be transcribed. Since we are a professional transcription company, we have the latest technology available in the market, we are confident that we will receive your files without any problems. Our system is hassle free and files will be received and sent intact.


general transcriptionStep 3: Payment Processing

Now that the order is placed, you can now process the payment for the project. There are different means of payment that can be used in our system. As a standard for all general transcription companies, we always make sure that any information received from the client is safe and always secured.


professional transcription companyStep 4: Waiting for Your Finished File

After the payment is placed, we will work on your request right away. We will right fit your desired project to the best personnel that we have so that you will have optimal satisfaction. Rest assured that the right person is always on the job for any transcription project that you might throw at us so keep them coming. Once the project is complete, we will send the finished project directly to your inbox hassle free. We are very confident that we will meet any deadline given to us.


general transcriptionsStep 5: Receive and Be Amazed

We are absolutely sure that you will be stunned when you see the quality of our work in such a low price and at a timely manner. You will see how our system will right fit your request to the right professional that’s why every project is treated uniquely and always with that personal touch.

General transcriptions have never been this easy to order. Not only do we value your work but we also value your time. With the steps given, you will never look for another transcription partner ever again.