How Electronic Transcription Works

What is Electronic Transcription?

Before the boom of outsourcing, companies usually have a full-time secretarial staff dedicated to providing transcripts of meeting, conferences and interviews. However, as labor has been cheaper through outsourced methods, more companies have chosen to avail of outsourced transcription services. One kind of outsourced transcription service utilizes an electronic transcription platform wherein interaction between client and transcriptionist is facilitated completely online through the software or online platform. This works to a great advantage to the client as faster transcription can be done without having to search and hire for actual transcriptionists.

Why Choose Computer Transcription?

Computer transcription has been the more affordable alternative than to hiring a full-time staff to do dedicated transcriptions. Outsourcing services is a cheaper option as these transcription platforms provide cheaper labor. Moreover, you are able to choose from various electronic platforms. In choosing these platforms, you are able to find packages and prices which are most cost-effective for your transcription needs. Moreover, electronic transcription is an easy facility to use. As most interaction between client and transcriptionist is held online, simply uploading your audio to these platforms while specifying your special requests is all you have to do. On the end of the electronic platform-based transcriptionist, all they have to do is to follow the clients’ specifications in order to be able to deliver the transcribed audio on time.

Having to use electronic-based platforms for transcription saves a lot of time and money for the client. Moreover, with computer transcriptions, you are assured of getting service from professionals transcriptionists, unlike when doing transcriptions on your own. While transcription is a process that can be learned, much patience and practice is needed in order to efficiently transcribe audio at acceptable speeds. With electronic transcriptionists, even long audio can be easily transcribed at a short amount of time. Longer audio can be transcribed by multiple transcriptionists that are easily provided by these electronic transcriptionists.

Our Electronic Transcription Service

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