Google Transcribe Audio VS Our Service

Why Google transcribe audio can’t help with everything

Google has one of the most popular services for transcribing audio, and many people go there for assistance when they need to complete this task. Audio transcription is when an audio or video file has all of the sound transcribed (written) into a document for any type of purpose. These can be useful for many types of businesses, for academic reasons, or for any type of personal use. If you need to transcribe audio then you may have thought about going to Google, except there are some drawbacks to that service you may not be aware of. Our professional service is here to show you that Google audio transcription isn’t the best around!

Our service can give you better help than Google transcribe audio

Google transcribe audio is a free service, and there are automatically drawbacks there. While it is certainly very effective for a free service, it uses automatic transcription software that is prone to errors. When you come to us, professional transcribers will listen to your audio and write it as they hear it. With Google, a program listens to your audio and automatically writes it as it plays. While this can be very convenient, it is far from the best way to get accuracy. We had the option to include an automatic transcriber in our service, but after doing some research we came to the conclusion that the only way to get our customers the highest quality is to do it ourselves.

Transcribe audio the old fashioned way

We use our methods because they work, and there is no better way to have an accurate transcription than with our professionals. We are the best because we take the time to focus on the details, and that is something that the transcribe audio Google cannot compete with. Their program can go thorugh and accurately identify a lot of the sounds, but there is no person listening to double check. After our professional transcriber completes your document, it goes to our proofreading department. That is where we make sure that you are getting the highest possible quality, and with our complimentary proofreading service you know that you are getting what you pay for.  Our professionals can do something for you that a piece of software simply cannot compare with, and if you are willing to pay our low prices you will see why so many customers choose us over Google!