German Transcription Services

professional german transcriptionThe advent of the internet has given rise to the concept of a ‘global village’. The spread of business across borders require services that can help them communicate with their international clients. German transcription services have been in high demand lately. This is particularly true for financial transcription, corporate transcription, legal transcription and medical transcription. In addition to this, these transcription services have been in use, in the academics sectors, from the very beginning.

Different Types of German Transcription Services

The commonest form of transcription service for the German language is German audio to text conversion. There is a range of services that are that fall under the category of German transcriptions. These services include:

  • Seminar transcription – accurate transcriptions of any kind of seminars.
  • Lecture transcription – transcription of presentations, lecturers and researchers in the classrooms of the colleges or universities.
  • Interview transcription – interview and focus group transcription services.
  • Focus group transcription – it is a gathering information and data used within research.
  • Academic transcription – quality transcription for students and professors.
  • Panel discussions – discussion a topic in front of an audience at business or academic conferences.
  • Conference transcription – we are offering video and audio transcriptions of conferences.

This list is not exhaustive, and several other types of transcription services are also available.

Where Is German Transcription Service Used?

Transcription German is used in a number of industries and domains. These domains include –

  • Financial transcription
  • Market research transcription
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical transcription
  • Corporate transcription
  • Legal transcription
  • Media Transcription

In addition to these, specialized German transcription services are provided in several other industries and sectors of work.

German Transcriptionists

Only native speakers of the German language can transcribe German of the quality that meets the strict accuracy and time requirements of projects. The German transcription of technical documents requires a high level of expertise and experience at the transcriptionist level.

As a result, most transcriptionists specialize, in particular fields, to let then provide that level of perfection. For certain fields like the financial sector, specialized training may also have to be imparted to the professional.

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