I need my voicemails transcribed. Should I use an automated software service?

Software such as that offered through Simulscribe voicemail transcription or Asterix voicemail transcription is often very unreliable. The proprietary software is nowhere near as accurate as a real person and often a single word, incorrectly transcribed, can change the whole meaning of a message. This is why if you are looking to have important messages transcribed you should always use a professional service that employs professional “human” transcribers rather than automated software.

I need voicemail transcription on my iPhone or Android phone!

Voicemail transcription for iPhone’s or voicemail transcription apps for Android are highly unreliable! Software and apps that claim to be able to transcribe your voicemail will be inaccurate and find it very difficult to cope with different accents and to filter out background noise.

My voice recording is not very clear, can your staff cope?

We will certainly try for you. We have the technology to be able to filter out the background allowing us to better understand the speaker. However, there is a limit to how much background noise can be filtered. Send us your recording and we will discuss with you what can be done.

Can you understand an Irish, Chinese, Russian or any other accent?

Our voicemail transcription service has a large number of professional transcribers who have experience in understanding a huge variation of different regional and country accents. We will assign the member of staff who is best qualified with regards to experience and subject to conduct your transcription.

Our work is confidential, how do we know we can trust you?

All of our staff are required to sign a confidentiality agreement preventing them from discussing your work. In addition to this we use the latest and best software to ensure that your files are fully protected while within our systems. Once the project is completed, all confidential files are permanently removed from our database.

There are a lot of false starts and changes of words within my recording. Can you remove these from the final transcription?

Most clients prefer that we remove additional words that add no value to the main part of the recording. This is called intelligent or near verbatim transcription. Others prefer that we transcribe each and every word and sound heard. We will transcribe your recording according to your preferences.

My dictation requires to be formatted as part of my thesis and edited accordingly, can you do this?

We can provide your transcription in any format that you specify and this includes academic formats. We will also be able to edit your transcription to ensure that correct grammar and academic styles have been utilized.