Focus Group Transcription Techniques in Research

Why do you need focus group transcription

Focus Group TranscriptionA focus group is a method of gathering information and data used within research. Much like individual interviews you can get unstructured feedback to situations and questions that you can then analyze. Like interviews it is also better to fully record everything that happens so that you can concentrate your attention on what is actually being said and on facilitating the group. The issue however is that after the event you have to transcribe what was actually said. Recordings are easy to make but they are almost impossible to review and search for information which is why we need to convert them into a text form.

Why do we use a focus group in research?

Focus groups are quick and easy to use when it comes to gathering data although if not managed properly can have some drawbacks. Recording them can also be difficult, especially if you have a particularly lively or opinionated group to deal with. The following are some advantages and disadvantages of using focus group analysis:

The advantages of using a Focus group:

  • Creates more in depth answers to questions through interaction between group members
  • Opinions can be better clarified through peer questioning
  • Some focus groups can allow more truthful answers to questions
  • Easy to form and can provide a large amount of data for analysis

Disadvantages of using focus groups

  • Peer pressure can cause participants to conform rather than stating what they really believe
  • Possibility of confrontation and arguments
  • Can be unclear on recordings who is actually speaking
  • Possibility of facilitators leading the group and causing bias

Some of these issues however can be overcome by ensuring that the workshop style environment is carefully planned and facilitated. Often it can be advisable to have multiple facilitators to ensure that the group is not exposed to bias or led in one specific direction. It is also best to ensure that facilitators are carefully trained prior to the event as this can lead to much richer and informative discussions with the participants. Video recording can also aid to some extent in identifying specific speakers from the audio.

Using a focus group transcription

Text is far easier to search and scan than a video or audio recording. Having a text record allows you to search for specific themes and also to code the text to enable categorization of the data more easily; something that would be very difficult using just your recording. This is why accurate focus group transcription of your recording is vital if you want to make your analysis easy and effective.

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