FAQ on General Transcription Services Worldwide

Smaller World, Bigger Potential

With the World Wide Web continuing to spread its reaches, almost everyone in the world is already connected.  So what does it mean in terms of transcription services? It means that one can get transcription service anywhere anytime from virtually any country they so desire. In relation to this, the transcription service market is now currently a fierce arena full of companies vying for the most number of clients. Here are some FAQS about questions and answers concerning transcription services around the world.

Transcription Services India

Question: Are there any transcription service in India?

Answer: Yes there are. India is popular for out sourcing companies and general transcription is one of their expertise.

Question: Do they offer free quotes?

Answer: Yes, some transcription companies in India offer free quotes.

Transcription Services UK

Question: Are there  transcription services UK  that are specialized in local accents?

Answer: Yes there are UK based companies that could cater to any clients that need special attention to various accents.

Question: Are there companies in the UK that offers overnight transcriptions?

Answer: Yes, there are. Since the transcription service competition is fierce, many companies, including UK based ones, offer overnight transcription projects.

Transcription Services NYC

Question: Is there a New York City based transcription company?

Answer: There are a lot of New York based transcription companies out there. They offer general transcription services as well as specific and unique requests.

Question: How confident are these companies with their projects?

Answer: Most of these transcription companies in New York boast 100% rating on their precision and timely manner of project completion.

Transcription Services Toronto

Question: I want a Toronto based transcription team to work on my videos. Can I find them online?

Answer: There are approximately eighteen listed transcription companies in Toronto and all of them have websites.

Questions: What are the usual transcription rates per audio minute in Toronto?

Answer: Prices per audio minutes in Toronto usually starts around $1.39.

Transcription Services Australia

Question: I need someone in Australia to convert my dictations to texts. Are there any transcription companies based in Australia?

Answer: Yes, there are many transcription companies in major cities of Australia.

Question: Can I have my documents ready within 24 hours?

Answer: Yes. Australian transcription services can deliver accurate transcriptions within a 24-hour schedule.

Transcription Services Los Angeles

Question: I need my Spanish project transcribed. Are there any Los Angeles based companies that can help me?

Answer: Yes, a majority of Los Angeles based transcription companies offer transcription projects in Spanish and other languages.

Question: In case of discrepancies, can I get my money back from these companies?

Answer: There are transcription companies in Los Angeles that offers money back guarantees for any discrepancies.

Transcription Services South Africa

Question: I want to avail services from a company based in South Africa. Are there any good companies out there?

Answer: Yes, transcription companies in South Africa have personnel that are suited for any kind of transcription projects.

Question: Are there companies in South Africa that can both record and transcribe our conferences?

Answer: Yes. There are companies now that can both record and transcribe any events.

Transcription Services Ireland

Question: Are there any transcription companies in Ireland that can transcribe my podcasts?

Answer: Yes. Transcription companies in Ireland can transcribe podcasts, theses, interviews and more.

Question: I need tips on recording properly. Can a transcription company in Ireland help me with that?

Answer: Sure! Technical questions will be answered for free by some professional transcription companies.