Discover the Best Podcast Transcription Services

Discover the Best Podcast Transcription Services

Do you have knowledge about podcast transcription services? There may be many people who do not have any idea about these services. Today, in this competitive world professional transcription services are really valuable if someone wants to gain a wide range of audience for his podcast.podcast transcription services

Having your podcast transcribed will surely offer you an edge to win over the competition. The best thing about transcripts of podcasts is that these can be sent to the listeners who may have watched your show due to certain reasons. Basically, it is the way to distribute information, files over the internet specifically for the audience to view or listen. Most of the colleges or universities use lecture transcription services to monetize their podcast with the help of sponsoring a show.

Why Transcribe Podcast to Text?

Almost everyone holds a podcast. From this, you can get an idea about the popularity of this particular device. In addition to the low cost, users that have very little technical knowledge is also able to record and release his show.

In case someone is wondering why he should transcribe podcast to text, begin by supposing that the easiest method of searching something on the Google is the Internet. By offering audio to text form or you can say that transcript of the episodes of your podcast events; you can enhance its shareability, accessibility, and scope of that treasured content afterward.

The best thing is that it boosts the experience of your listeners by offering them a substitute to take your content while tuning in will not be possible.

Furthermore, as you know web searches are usually text-based, and a podcast transcription opens a new opportunity by allowing you to easily use your content into presentations, books, articles and blog posts. Even your users will also be able to speedily share and quote if they find something loved from convert audio recording your episode.

  1. Improved SEO

As most of the people know that search engines can text better as compared to an audio. Users do not pay attention to the audio – they simply search for the metadata and not for the content available within a file. An audio transcript helps to translate the entire keyword rich content into text that can be read by the users. Publishing an audio transcript with the audio files will help you to boost your web traffic.

  1. Aiding the hearing impaired

For all those who have any type of hearing disability, they do not get audio. Podcasting is perfect for everyone as it takes everybody into consideration. Podcast transcription is a nice method for you to attract those who do not touch your message before. With the help of podcasts episodes, you can connect and impact a wide range of readers.

How Can I Transcribe Podcast to Text? Try These Amazing Ways

There are many sites that offer audio to text transcription services. You just need to choose a right company for you. The professional transcribers listen to the whole file word by word and convert them into text with the help of listen and types process. You can also use an audio to text transcription tool in order to increase the speed and accuracy of the transcription process. Are you searching for “Tips for transcribing a podcast? Get some useful tricks here.

Transcribing a podcast is not difficult, you just need to be patient and dedicated towards it. With the right guidance, you will be able to convert the audio recording to text within very less time.

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Audio Quality Tips

  • The first thing that you need to consider is the quality of the audio. For this, you should see that the recorded audio is a clear and sound level of the speaker is also high. Background noise should be low.
  • If there are multiple speakers then make it sure that each and every speaker is easily identifiable and there is no interruption or overlap while speaking occur.
  • Never use poor quality Dictaphone to record an audio.
  • Never compromise with the quality even it uses more tape and disk space.
  • You can also ask the speaker to repeat the content in case you will not be sure, this will save your time and avoid guessing and editing the transcription again and again.
  • Lastly, use high-resolution format to save your recording, try to use WAV audio as even if it is compressed, this is of fine quality and easy to work with.

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Do You Want to Transcribe a Podcast?

Nowadays, audio podcast transcription services are very popular all over the world. The main reason behind this is that these are convenient and easy to access. And most importantly, people enjoy obtaining information by reading the transcript and listening to the podcast. Another main reason is that podcast transcripts can be used for creating articles, posts, and web pages. The links of various transcripts can be conveniently shared on different platforms such as Google plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

  1. InqScribe

This tool is very flexible and user-friendly and avoids offering complex options like most transcription programs do. This particular software works same as the word processor and usually enters the text using one keystroke. Using this software, audio files can be imported and transcribed but you can’t find any type of recording tool here. The best thing about InqScribe is Unicode compliant and supports multiple languages. You can use this software to transcribe different video and audio files but not like a conversion tool.


HyperTranscribe is wonderful audio transcription software. It can convert audio files effectively with the help of keyboard controls. This particular tool supports automatic instant keyboard commands and looping which create transcribing dictation and your fingers a fun. HyperTRANSCRIBE can convert different media formats such as MOV, AIFF, MP3 and AVI. The best feature of this software is that you can skip a specific part or replay a media file in order to increase productivity and optimize your typing.

  1. Listen to N Write

This is free transcription software and does not contain complex selections and offers a simple and easy to use interface to do a job. Listen N write look like a media player window and allow you to skip, rewind and pause a media file and replay speed in order to make typing easy and comfortable. This amazing tool support two file formats such as WAV and Mp3. It offers almost every option needed to transcribe a high school project or job.

  1. EureScribe

This ultimate software copy audio files easily and quickly. EureScribe divides a media file into smaller sections and makes this easy for you to identify and memorize it using keyboard shortcuts. It supports different media formats such as WMA, DVD, MOV, WAV, AVI, and MP3 and saves the resulted file in RTF format. You can find this tool online.


This particular transcription software is free to use and potent data analysis tool. It comprises different analytical tools that can explore images, online surveys, audio and video files. MAXQDA can also be used to organize test theories and unstructured data. In this software, you can easily adjust the audio speed and sound and foot pedals to finish your transcription job speedily. In addition to this, you can also assign, retrieve and code different media clips same as you perform in other sections.

Guarantees Offered by Our Services

These days, internet marketing is the fastest way to earn money online. Transcribe audio from podcast can benefit you by improving your income online. Like if someone is organizing an online or group meetings, and then a nice approach would be transcript the real video or audio. By doing this, everyone who wants to see or use your provided material, they can access them. Now, there is no need to get stressed as we guarantee to provide high-quality audio to text podcast transcription services. Our intelligent transcription services can benefit you in offering instant articles and blog posts, make a brandable report fast, make a video, reach people you might not have before, easily create new products to offer for sale, free stuff to give away etc.

Things to Know about the Best Transcription Services for Podcast

If you are running a business, then using podcast transcription services would be great for you. You can send your file to us and we will download it. The team of our professionals will check it for the quality and accuracy of the converted document to remove all available errors. They also offer final clean up and after this transcribed file will be sent to the customers.

You should try our services and see for yourself how podcast transcription services help you to raise your popularity!