Digital Interview Transcription Techniques for Higher Precision

Why do you need interview transcription services?

Digital Interview TranscriptionIt is very simple to record everything that is said within an interview and it allows you to concentrate on what is being said rather than worrying about taking notes. But a recording is not that simple to review quickly after when you are looking for specific answers or information. This is why we will more often than not need to transcribe the interview so that we will have an easy to use and scan record of what was said. Few people today however have access to dedicated secretaries or administration staff that can do the transcribing for you. Most staff in companies today have to do all of their own admin work.

Doing transcription however is very time consuming and will require a huge amount of concentration as well as specialist skills. Many people underestimate just how hard a transcription is to do. This is why you will need to ensure that you use a professional digital interview transcription service to provide you with accurate and reliable business transcriptions.

Make life easier for the transcriber for an accurate interview transcription

Most of us have access to a multitude of different gadgets and equipment that could be used to record an interview. These range from dedicated audio recording devices to video cameras and even cell phones and tablets. Most will provide reasonable sound quality but often what we do during the interview will have a major impact on the recording. Having poor quality recordings can make the transcriber’s job very difficult and will affect the accuracy of the final transcription. To help ensure that the recording is as easy to follow as possible follow these simple tips:

  • Where possible use a microphone for your recording rather than just relying on the inbuilt mic within devices such as phones and tablets; this will improve recording quality significantly
  • Place the microphone appropriately; too close and you may have breathing sounds and distortion, while too far away could catch excessive background noise
  • Do a test recording; sounds obvious but many people neglect to actually make a quick short recording and then play it back to check if the sound is acceptable. If things are not quite right you can move the microphone or even yourselves and test again
  • Make sure that your recording device is fully charged and that you have spare batteries of chargers
  • Make sure that your device is recording in the right format, some devices allow you to compress audio to use less memory but this will also likely reduce the quality of the audio file
  • Speak clearly; make sure that all parties understand that they are being recorded and to speak clearly without mumbling. Also try to avoid talking over each other and wandering off into non relevant discussions

We can provide you with highly accurate interview transcription

We are a highly professional and specialized interview transcription service that can provide you with very accurate transcription at a rate that you will be able to afford. We hire only the very best transcribers and provide you with all of the help and support that you will need to ensure that your transcription experience will be the very best. Our service provides you with:

  • Around the clock easy to use support and ordering
  • Fully qualified transcribers with many years of experience
  • Transcribers chosen for technical knowledge and expertise in the area of your interviews (You could not expect just “anyone” to transcribe a legal interview for instance.)
  • Transcribers that have the skills and software available to deal with;
    • Recordings with poor sound quality
    • Excessive background noises
    • Difficult to understand accents
    • Multiple speakers

So if you are looking for highly accurate interview transcription at an affordable rate just contact us for the very best service that you will find online.

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