Digital Academic Transcription Services

University Culture: A Leading Beneficiary of Digital Academic Transcription Services

Students, Professors, and Counselors in a university culture are grateful to the development of digital transcription technology making academic transcription services fast and easy. Nowadays, academic research, theses, academic interview and other materials in a university can be transcribed digitally, benefiting each and every student with how fast and accurate academic reports and projects can be delivered, as a result of advancement and modernization of transcription processes. All kinds of academic transcription services benefit the academe as a whole, facilitating learning in the most modern way possible.

Colleges and universities across the globe have developed each own specifications when it comes to academic transcription, but the transcription industry have consistently met this demands through the use of new transcription software programs developed for such purpose.  Seminars, interviews, and lectures can now be converted to its written versions paving the way to a more effective academic learning system.

How Digital Academic Transcription Works

There are many ways an academic transcription service can be completed. It can be digitally done using digital transcription software or can be manually transcribed, where transcription skills should be innate, and expertise have been developed through long years of completing transcription projects day after day.

Manual transcription relies on a combined listening skill, great memory, and the traditional shorthand typing skill. This type of transcription is considered obsolete, but with this digital age, these traditional transcription practices are enhanced and developed to meet the demands of the academic world. Moreover, digital transcription employs new approach through several versions of transcription software programs that speed up the transcription process. These digital transcription software programs have digital playback controls and keyboard shortcuts for a fast and easy transcription process.  These programs also allow time stamping and time coding for more precise and accurate text versions.

Digital academic transcription services are offered to the market with the same competitive price as that of the manual academic transcription services. Regardless of accents and format, digital academic transcription promises 99% accuracy, catering to almost all parts of the globe USA, AU, UK, Israel, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, India, and many more. Digital Academic Transcription service providers employ a well-trained in-house transcriber specialists waiting online 24 hours a day.