Choose Our Professional Transcription Services

There are many transcription companies in the market right now. We aim not only to be the best out there but to be the best for your specific needs too. We personalize every job down to the smallest detail you will tell us. We know how important your work is for you. Our professional transcription services will make sure that the job will be done and done well. Give us a try and we are sure you’ll only get pure satisfaction.

We are making it our own

Our professional transcriptionists are dedicated to deliver the best professional transcription services to you. Choose us and we will prove it. You know what you want. Talk to us and we will listen to every detail. We will treat every video, text and audio as our own. We keep an open communication with our clients to make sure that we satisfy every request. Precision is one of our specialties. Getting a great feedback after a job is done is what we always aim for.

Professional service at an affordable price

It seems nowadays that it’s hard to avail professional transcription in terms of the balance between the price and quality. It is a jungle out there and it may be pretty confusing if you are looking for people to transcribe for you. Great transcription is often very expensive and it doesn’t seem to be a great idea risking your work on cheap transcription jobs. Right? Well rest your weary mind because the search for the best transcription you will ever have is at an end. With us, you’ll get satisfaction for every transcription job you throw at us at a very affordable price.

We have the big guns

We are confident that we have the right personnel, software and hardware to meet your unique needs. We right fit every client to the best personnel and resource that we have. Rest assured that we can handle any transcription job. We have the experts to work on your academic transcriptions. We have business oriented professionals in-staff for any corporate transcription requests. We have the latest video and audio hardware and software to make sure we can capture every word. Not only do we have the technology for the new media, we also have means to deal with other conservative means of communication like hand written files, taped audio and videos and more. It doesn’t matter what is the format of your file when you send it to us and what format would like them to be in when it is done. Whatever your need is, we have the best professional transcription solutions for it.

We will keep it safe

Some of your written, video or audio recordings may contain sensitive data. We understand that clients need security for their files. We make it our business to keep them safe for you. As we mentioned, we treat your work as our own. Our facilities are secured and we make sure that our software is protected with the best technology available. We understand that quality work is not only accurate but also safe. Have that peace of mind that your files are in safe hands.

Choose us and you will experience superb university transcription services that you never thought possible. Let us help you and you will never regret acquiring our services.