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Why do you need a good transcription service?

With today’s technology it is very simple to quickly and easily record anything from an interview to a whole conference. The trouble is that videos and audio files are not that each to search through or to quickly review and most people would still like a text version. But converting these files into text will take time and effort and most people just do not have the time; especially now that most businesses have done away with administrative support and secretaries. So unless you want your staff to use their valuable time to do transcription work rather than their normal work then you need to use a professional transcription service. Transcription rates per minute are not as high as some might fear and will certainly be cheaper than you would be paying your own staff.

Fining good transcription rates per hour

Whether you are looking at transcription services rates per minute or by the hour you will be able to find some very cheap deals on the internet. The trouble is that some of the cheaper transcription rates per minute may not deliver as accurate a service as some of the more expensive. Many firms capitalize on the fact that people will often go for the cheaper rate and offer services that are performed by unqualified and inexperienced freelancers who will work for peanuts. Their belief being that “anyone” can do transcription. However if you want to have an accurate transcription delivered on time then you need to turn to a professional service such as ours that employs staff that are both highly qualified and experienced.

Our staff provide affordable transcription rates per minute

We provide affordable transcription rates that you will be able to manage while providing you with a truly top notch service. Our transcribers are highly qualified and have being doing transcription work for many years. We carefully match your transcriber to the subject area of the transcription as well as ensuring that they are fully experienced with the specific languages and accents on the recording. This ensures that your transcription is done by someone that fully understands what is being said and can transcribe with a high degree of accuracy.

Fully guaranteed transcription work by real experts

Our experts are here to help you by providing some of the highest degrees of accuracy you will find online. Yet we do this while charging some of the most affordable transcription rates per minute. Even our medical transcription rates are affordable as we take great care to ensure that your work is done by the best possible member of our staff ensuring your complete satisfaction and returning business. So if you want highly accurate transcription done to your specifications at the right transcription rates per minute get in touch with us today for a free quotation.