Cheap Transcription Service: Best Services on the Market

There are a lot of transcription service companies out there in the market today. Most of their prices are expensive though. If you are looking for quality audio transcription without hurting your pocket, our service is what you are looking for. Our great cheap transcription services aims to make audio transcription easy for clients. All the client needs to do is to upload his or her files, pay for the duration of the data and download the finished document after 7 hours or so.

Professional and Affordable

Our company utilizes a combination of top-notch technology, professional staff and great customer support to deliver high quality but cheap transcriptions. We make sure that we deliver your finished document on time. The secret of our cheap transcription service? Our system is so efficient  that we can reduce our service’s cost. We also make sure that we minimize capital outlay as much as possible. Rest assured that we can convert any kind of dictation into meaningful and accurate documents.

From Old to New

We have the right technology to work with any audio format. We can transcribe audio from cassette tapes, VCRs, CDs and DVDs. Digital audio formats can also be handled by our cheap transcription service. Send us your avi, acc, wav, mp3, and mp4 files and we will send you back a superior quality document.

Professional in Every Way

Our transcription team is comprised of professionals and experts who deliver not less than superb transcribed documents. We can proudly say that our accuracy rate is no lower than 99.9%. with this accuracy rating, we can assure you that your medical dictations, teaching media, important research results, legal hearing recordings, and interview recordings are transcribed not only with precision but also with accuracy.

Client Involvement

We understand that your work is very important to you. It is your creation and we understand if you want to collaborate with our workflow during our transcription. After all, it is your document we are working on. You can contact our very understanding, competent and friendly customer service team. You can get in touch with them via telephone or an email. We value your input that is why we give you the option to customize your work anytime and anywhere. We always make it a point to follow our client’s specification down to the last detail.

Amazing Turnaround

You will be stunned at how timely our cheap transcription service is. But don’t think that we sacrifice quality for speed. We always deliver high quality transcription service 7 to 10 hours after you uploaded your file.

Delivered the Way Want

Not only do we accept working with any type of file format, we also send the finished document in any format you request. We can even send it to you via e-mail, a secured FTP or a CD. All you need to do once you have sent the audio file is to pay our super low rate, sit back, relax, and wait for the professionally made document to pop in your Inbox.

Unbelievably Low

Our transcription service price is one of the lowest out in the market today. Who would have thought you can get this much bang for your buck? Give us a try and we will change the way you look at online transcription service!