Cheap Audio Transcription Assistance

There is no question that getting an audio transcription service is very convenient and efficient no matter what kind of field you are working on. Our days are so busy at times that we do not have the time to write everything down. Almost all gadget nowadys has the option to record our dictations and voice recording is the best way to go if you want to record information on the go. But what if we need official documents to reflect our work? That is where audio transcription services step in. Nowadays, transcription services are available online but most of them are expensive. In this guide, we will discuss the aspects you need to consider when looking for cheap audio transcription.

Check for Quotes

Write a description of your project by writing 3 to 4 sentences about it. Your description must show the details like the type of setting the recording was done. Examples of settings are offices, bedrooms, classrooms, conference halls, or over the telephone. You also need to inform the  cheap typing service providers about the number of people speaking in the recording. Inform them about the type of audio file you will be sending them such as interviews, dictation, and group classes. Also include when you would like to have the finished documents. Be specific if you want the finished document after a few hours, days or even weeks. Also mention the format of the file you are sending, the format you want to receive and the payment method you want to use. Having flexible options from the aspects above may land you better quotes from companies that offer cheap affordable audio transcription services.

Ask Around for Recommendations

Reading reviews of audio transcription services in the Internet may not be a very good idea. There are reviews that are paid and post reviews that are biased. There are even people who create their lists of ‘top transcription cheap’ services that is comprised by companies that they also own. Avoid this kind of websites. Most of them are just a waste of time and money for they usually produce substandard transcribed documents. Asking people whom you trust for cheap affordable audio transcription services recommendation is a good choice. When you do find a good audio transcription service company, be a great friend and recommend them also to people who needs that service too.

Fast and Timely

A good mark of a great audio transcription company is a quick response to any client request. Time consciousness is essential for the transcription industry. Try to request quotes from different transcription service companies. Remove companies who do not reply after 2 hours from your list. If they cannot reply to potential clients right away, there is a big possibility that they cannot also send a finished document in time too.

Collect and Select

You need to make sure that you will select the lowest transcription service available. Compare the rates of different companies and the quality of their work. Cheap audio transcription services should not mean poorly made documents. Make sure that they have professional transcriptionists in staff. Ask for samples of their work to be sure. See if they also offer money back guarantees or if they do not, ask if they can do revisions if you are not satisfied with their work. Be smart and choose wisely.