Can You Trust Transcription Services India?

Transcription Services India – A Leader in Transcription

It is a fact; minimal rates with uncompromised quality are the leading attributes of India Transcription service. With its established reputation online, India transcription services offer the same level of quality performance you get from other transcription services around the world. You get the same level of professionalism you are seeking from expensive transcription services online, but with the distinction of offering transcription services for a low price. Looking at every established name in this industry, it is quite clear that Transcription Services India is the world leader in this cost effective category.

Offering the lowest hourly rate across the globe, Transcription Services India never took quality for granted from the time of its inception 17 years ago, and it has unstoppably look for new ways to capture the global market from then on.

Transcription Services India – Building Trust over the Years

Transcription Services India gains trust from its clientele through the following aspects made perfect in its long years in transcription service.

  • Transcription Services India has delivered transcription projects with a fastest turn-around time. The introduction of advanced web based digital technologies is nothing new to this India transcription service provider.
  • Long portfolio of Transcription outputs – 1000+ projects have been completed with uncompromised quality.
  • Its reliable infrastructure is proven efficient and effective in meeting bulk projects from time to time; dealing with all kinds of accents from several clients all over the world.
  • Transcription Services India does not just cater on projects with multi-accents but it also accepts, process, and complete projects in different formats. Mp3, mp4, flv, AAC, are just few of the new sets of file formats it accepts, while not setting the old ones that are considered completely absolute aside. Tapes, CDs, and DVDs are still welcomed formats and are treated with equal confidentiality and accuracy.
  • Its widest fields of transcription expertise lead to more projects. Transcription services India can be trusted with anything about transcription. More than ten transcription fields belonging to four major transcription categories namely: General, Business, Medical, Legal have been taken cared of by Transcription Services India over the years.