British Transcription Services

British Transcription Needs

In Britain as elsewhere there is a growing need for transcription services of all types. Audio and video transcriptions, academic transcriptions, business transcriptions and focus group transcriptions are just a few of the many and diverse areas experiencing rapid growth and increasing demand. There are many companies eager to supply British transcription demands and needs and the internet make them readily available. In some ways it’s the very ease and availability of all these companies that can make the selection process more difficult. Increasing demand has also given rise to an increase in substandard companies.

Some things to watch out for in companies providing British transcription services:

  • Inadequate English language skills. Many companies are using transcribers hired via the internet from countries where English is not the spoken language. Some of these transcribers have only the most rudimentary English skills and are not able to give accurate transcriptions. Linguistic nuances such as tone of voice and accent must be thoroughly understood. Complicating matter are the differences in the English language itself and the need to know such things as different spellings of certain words for British English transcriptions as opposed to American English spellings. Hiring these transcribers with poor English skills may cut down on a company’s overhead but certainly doesn’t provide you with an accurate transcription.
  • No experience in the field the transcription is in. A transcriber without a background in the area they are doing a transcription for has little chance of providing a high quality transcription when they don’t understand what they are writing.
  • Disorganized order process and slow/no response to inquiries. Difficulty in placing an order does not inspire confidence, and once an order is placed and paid for failure to get a response to any concerns can leave one with a decidedly bad feeling.
  • Failure to meet scheduled delivery.

However there are good companies out there in the field of British transcription. We are one such company providing the best in British transcription services of all types.

Some British Transcription Service’s Benefits We Provide

  • Highly trained transcribers with outstanding English skills. Whether a British English transcription or one in American English, we supply what is required. Our transcribers have a wide variety of backgrounds and the one best suited for your particular transcription will be assigned.
  • Simplified online order and payment process and 24/7 customer support so that no concerns or questions go unanswered.
  • Delivery of your completed transcription on time as set by you.
  • Total confidentiality of all your information.
  • Affordable pricing with discounts available.
  • Complete satisfaction guarantee for the quality of your transcription and its timely completion.

We want to provide all your British transcription needs. Once you have tried us we feel our dedication to providing the best transcription service available will keep you coming back.