Best Transcription Services Online

There are many transcription services online but which offers the best transcription services? There is little point going for the cheapest services if they are going to fail to provide you with the quality that you need, but do you really need to go to the most expensive? Our service can provide you with the best transcription services at an affordable price.

What sort of transcription services do I need?

Verbatim transcription services will take every word that is uttered and record it within the transcribed document, this includes all false starts, repeated words, fillings and pauses. This is a fully accurate representation of what was said.

A near verbatim or intelligent verbatim transcription is one in which those extra words and non essential filling words are removed, The best transcription services will be able to ensure that the text produced contains all of the main points exactly as spoken without any extras to distract the reader.

Grammatically correct transcription will take the transcription and fully edit it to ensure that it makes perfect sense grammatically as well as having the most appropriate words and perfect flow; perfect for publication or for academic work.

Best transcription services: best staff

The best transcription services fully rely on the skills of their staff, so to have skilled transcription services you have to have highly skilled staff capable of providing a highly accurate transcription service. We offer the best transcription service because we have the very best staff; our staff are graduates of accredited universities and hold PhDs or Masters Degrees.

We carefully interview and test our staff so as to select the most experienced and capable, we also only let them work within their areas of qualification ensuring the best transcription possible.

Secure transcription services

Our services are the best transcription services; they are also the most secure. We take great care over our security to ensure that your files are fully protected and inaccessible to everybody apart from those working on them. We will also completely delete all traces of your files once your project is completed and you have taken delivery of the final transcriptions.

Our staff are bound by confidentiality agreements to ensure that they will never discuss what they work on.

Use the best transcription services

Our services really are the best transcription services you will find. We are affordable, secure and we employ the best staff so that you will receive accurate transcriptions every time you use our services.

We are happy to provide a full money back guarantee for our services as we know that you will receive the best transcription services through our professional transcribers.

We offer the best transcription services because:

  • We use qualified experienced staff
  • We provide you with a full guarantee
  • Our service is confidential and secure
  • We always deliver accurate transcriptions on time