Best Transcription Apps for Your Business

Can transcription apps help you in your business?

transcription apps for your business

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If you are a busy person then you will know that it is often easier to say something than to write it, especially if you are trying to write something directly into a smart phone or another device. Being able to dictate a quick email or even a report can save you a huge amount of time but then you still have to find someone reliable and accurate after to transcribe the audio. There are however several different transcription apps that you could try to directly convert your speech into text saving a huge amount of time.

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What is the best speech to text app to use?

There are several audio to text apps out there that you could use and all are improving in their accuracy. The ones that we would recommend that you try in no particular order are:

  • Voice Assistant; This app will not only transcribe your speech it will also directly post to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as well as your email account.
  • Evernote for Android; A free app that uses Google’s speech to text transcription service so it will only work while your device is online
  • Dragon Dictation; one of the more accurate dictation apps that you will find, it can also support over 30 different languages if you need to transcribe in additional languages
  • Ivona text-to-speech; another free app that provide reasonably accurate interview transcription and will save both an audio and text file of what you have to say
  • Listnote Speech; very capable and free to use app that is ideal for transcribing simple notes and files

It is often best to try several different transcription apps to find the one that best suits you. Often you will find that one will work better than another for your specific voice so it is always best to experiment before you settle for the right app for you.

The Pros and Cons of Using Transcription Apps

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to using software of any form when it comes to transcription. The following will list some of those pros and cons.

The advantages of using transcription apps:

  • They are quick and easy to use on the go;
  • Many will integrate with your other accounts and services such as social media and email;
  • Most are free to use.

The disadvantages of transcription apps:

  • They are not that accurate especially if;
    • You have a difficult accent
    • Are in a location that is noisy
    • They can’t cope with multiple speakers
    • Most can only cope with English vocabulary

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