Benefits Of Outsourcing Transcription To India

Two Areas that Are currently Experiencing Growth

In recent years the world has seen a rapid expansion in the area of transcription services in many fields ranging from medical transcription to business and academic areas. Growing demand for these services has made it more difficult to find local services for transcription that are both affordable and of good quality. Another area that has seen growth is the business of outsourcing. Outsourcing could be for manufactured goods such as having a car part or computer part made in another country, or the outsourcing of services such as computer programming or transcription. With increasing access to the internet and advances in digital technology where virtually all audio and video files are easily rendered into digital files and sent over the internet, transcription is an area that lends itself well to outsourcing.

Why Outsource Transcription Services

When people speak of outsourcing the first major reason introduced is usually financial, meaning it costs less. The second reason is lack of trained people locally who are qualified to do the job. Outsourcing to another country also generally means they are in a different time zone. Files to be transcribed could be submitted at the end of your working day, and the transcription completed and waiting for you the next morning. Transcription in India is expanding as it is elsewhere and India is especially well suited as a location transcription can be outsourced to.

Why Transcription in India and not Someplace else?

There are several reasons why transcriptions in India make sense aside from the financial benefit of costing less. India has the third largest higher education system in the world. This means there is a vast pool of well educated people having higher degrees to draw on. Quality transcription requires the transcriber have knowledge of the field they are transcribing in. So in instances such as outsourcing medical transcriptions to India, there are qualified people with the necessary education to draw on. Another benefit to having a transcription outsourced to India is that India possesses a large pool of English speakers. Most foreign countries that work is outsourced to don’t have the large number of English speakers that India does. Thus India is better suited as a destination for outsourcing transcription services.

Transcription in India Outsourcing Benefits Summarized

  • Cost effective. It is more inexpensive.
  • Large number of well educated people to draw from. The example given was outsourcing medical transcription to India. There are many fields aside from medical such as IT and business where this applies.
  • Large number of English speakers.
  • Time zone differences so that transcriptions can be finished during off hours.

With the Internet outsourced transcription in India is no more difficult than having work done right around the corner and should be seriously considered as an option when having a transcription done.