Amazing Facts about Transcription Services Rates

How are transcription services rates set?

Transcription Services RatesIf you are looking for transcription services you will no doubt by now have noticed that there is a huge difference in rates charged between different services and you may be wondering why that is. Many services will charge in a different manner which makes it difficult to make a comparison between different sites. The following are some examples of how different sites charge:

  • Per minute of recording; you are charged according to the length of the recording that is being transcribed.
  • Per page; some services will charge you according to the number of pages that they type, this can be uncertain depending on the number of words on a page etc.
  • Per line; as per page above the pricing can be manipulated by the provider of the transcription
  • Per hour worked; rather than per hour or minute of recorded audio they charge an hourly rate for the transcription performed; again this can be manipulated significantly by the provider

Transcription (from the Latin transcribere) is the “simple” process of taking the spoken word and converting it into written text. Written text is easier to scan, analyze and also to share so many people require recordings of events such as interviews and meetings to be transcribed.

Facts about transcription that affect transcription services rates

The following are some simple facts about transcription that significantly affect the transcription services rates that are charged by different sites:

  • Most people can speak at between 150 and 170 words per minute, yet a professional typist and transcriber may only be able to type at 80 to 100 words per minute depending on their skill. The reality is that it will often take between 4 to 6 hours to transcribe a full hour of audio accurately.
  • Many sites will use inexperienced and unqualified freelancers to try to keep transcription services rates down. However this will often result in very inaccurate transcriptions as well as much slower services. The skill and speed of an experienced and qualified transcriber will often make them the more economic solution in the long run.
  • Software and hardware has come a long way from the days of using recording machines with cassette tapes. Most software now does not even need switching between applications or the use of foot pedals or other hardware.

Transcription service rates through a professional company are effected by just a few variables which are usually:

  • The length of the recording
  • The quality of the audio recording
  • The number of people speaking
  • The time in which you need the work doing
  • Any specialization; as you can imagine legal or medical transcription services rates will often be significantly higher than that for dictating a simple business email

We can offer cheap transcription services rates and the best quality

The quality and accuracy of your transcription are very much affected by the skills and qualification of the transcriber. Surprisingly there is not a huge difference in price between those services that are provided by using cheap freelancers and services such as ours that use professional qualified staff. This is simply because of the speed and efficiency of using better qualified staff to provide your research transcription. We provide your transcriptions through:

  • The use of fully qualified and highly experienced transcribers
  • Transcribers that have degrees relevant to the subject areas that they are asked to transcribe
  • Transcribers that are familiar with academic and business formats and expectations
  • Transcribers that have access to the relevant software and other tools to do quick and accurate transcriptions

So if you want the very best accuracy online with some of the most affordable transcription services rates just contact our expert services today.

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