Affordable Transcription Services for Everyone

There are companies out in the transcription market nowadays that claim having cutting-edge technology that can help you with your audio transcription needs. These companies utilize what is called “automated transcription software.” In reality, this kind of software has been around for almost 16 years and the accuracy rate of audio to document transcription has not improved a lot. Nothing still beats cheap transcription services India done by human transcriptionists. Here are some of the of manual and automated transcription method aspects that you need think about before choosing what to utilize.

Man VS Machine

The automatic audio transcription technology utilizes voice recognition software. It has been around for more than a decade now but it still fails to deliver professional grade transcribed documents. The main issue with this technology is that it cannot pick up words from slurred speech, heavy accents or audio that is muffled or garbled. The result is a transcription output that is very low in accuracy. In contrast, human transcriptionists that offer affordable transcription service that are not just accurate but also precise output. Human transcriptionists listen and transcribe using human judgment, something computers cannot do.

Vital Accuracy

There are clients that need the highest accuracy level possible for their documents. Documents for legal proceedings are a very good example. One cannot just leave it to a computer software to handle this kind of situation. Affordable transcription services offer accurate transcription for legal purposes. Manual transcription is also needed to transcribe important medical documents. Medical audio data are mostly filled with medical terms that computer programs may not recognize. Any error or inaccuracy in a medical document can spell danger for patients.

Manual is Best

The transcription process requires focus and outmost accuracy. The process involves converting oral texts from audio or video  data. Delivering accurate, fast and timely transcribed document is very essential for the transcription industry. It may be an old-school method but manual transcription is still the best way to go. Who can better understand humans than their fellow humans?

Outsourcing Option

There are a lot of countries in the world that utilize the English language. Since the cost of living in some countries is lower, there are countries that offer very competitive transcription rates per minute. Some of these international transcription service companies have been around for years and their experience in the industry is tremendous. You will be surprised at the high quality document that you will receive at a very low price. Outsourcing is a great alternative to consider when you have audio files that you want to be transcribed.

Save More

There are transcription programs out on the Internet that are free to download. It even seems like there is a new audio or video transcription software that pops out every week! So why would you want to pay for human and affordable transcriptionist services? These audio transcription programs may be free to download but you may end up editing the document because of its low accuracy. You will just waste your time and effort. Making use of these audio transcription programs is not a good idea especially if you are trying to beat a deadline. Manual and affordable transcription services will not only save you money. It will also help you save time and effort which are very precious in this very competitive world.