About Our Transcribing Service

We offer affordable, quality transcription services to our clients. Our team is based in USA with branches all over the world and offers services to the satisfaction of our customers.

Transcribing services

We have been in this transcribing business for several years. Our team comprises of competent staff who will always deliver 110% to our clients. We offer solutions to businesses requiring transcribing services.

Transcription services

Some of directors have held senior positions with other companies before coming over to our company. They have worked in some multinational companies which has enabled them to acquire various skills. The skills learnt are now proving to be of importance in running our transcription services. We have professionals who have worked in the IT business which is helping them to run our online database.


We have a long list of blue chip clients who constantly draw our expertise when they need a high quality, accurate and fast transcription service. More just simply typing up a recording, we provide specialized transcription support spanning many industries. Some of the sectors we support with our transcription services include but is not limited to: Advertising, Charities, Education, Government, Insurance, Legal, Media, Public Relations, Research, Business Coaching, Communication, Finance, Infrastructure, IT, Marketing, Medical, Real estate.

Professional Transcription Services

We are transcription specialists. We have been in this trade for over a decade. We offer professional transcription services. Those we have done for transcription always come back and bring more with them. Our staffs understand their job and they do it with a passion. We are fast, accurate, offer security to your data, confidentiality is guaranteed. We can transcribe from digital audio files, streaming audio, podcasts.

Cheap transcription services

Our transcription services, though of the highest quality are at an affordable price. We charge reasonably because we understand our customers. We want them to come back so why overcharge them the way other transcription providers in the market are doing. We prefer to offer cheap transcription services so that the client is satisfied and doesn’t feel he has been exploited.