About Our Interview Transcription Service

What an interview transcription service is

Because journalists often have to work “on the go” and academics have a limited time to do research, it’s necessary both to record their interviews rather than write or take notes in order to draw the maximum amount of information in the minimum amount of time.  In order to draw upon the information at any later point in time, it’s necessary to transcribe the interview.  Transcription interview work is a long and tedious process.  This is why journalists and students alike often seek out a reputable interview transcription service.  They need their interviews transcribed by reliable professionals and in a timely manner.

What is unique about our interview transcription service

A reputable interview transcription service can be hard to find.  It seems as if the better the reputation, the higher the fee for services; the lower the price, the seedier and more unpredictable the “service” will be with clients.  Most interview transcription services charge a flat fee for their services, regardless of the length of your recording.  This is highly unfair!  Our interview transcription service charges flexible, affordable fees based on the length of your recording.  Our service also stands out by employing actual expert transcribers rather than novices sitting at a laptop that other “services” hire.

What you get with our interview transcription services

Apart from the affordable and flexible pay-per-minute plan offered by our interview transcription service, we offer a number of additional optional features.  These include technical terminology, inclusion of sounds and sound effects, verbatim diction, and much more for your transcription.  If you need an even more personal feature to maximize the customization of your transcription, simply contact us and we’ll do everything we can to be of service.

Easy and affordable service

Any of our cutting edge transcription services can be at your disposal at any time.  All we require from you is one easy and affordable online payment.  After that, our expert staff will be at your disposal for your top quality product.  Your success is our mission, so don’t hesitate to contact the best transcription service on the web!