5 Key Features of Digital Dictation Transcription

5 Key Features of Digital Dictation TranscriptionDigital dictation has now completely replaced the old method of cassette recorded dictation. With digital dictation transcription, the ease with which a transcriptionist can provide accurate audio transcriptions is greatly increased. Here are some of the key features of digital dictation, which help greatly in making a transcriptionist’s work efficient.

Easy to Use Digital Dictation Transcription

Before digital recording devices, cassette tapes have been thoroughly used to record data and audio for transcription. As this was the case, navigating through cassette recordings was difficult. However, with the emergence of digital recording devices, navigating through long hours of audio has been easier. In addition, editing the audio is as well easier to do. Now, with even the most basic of digital dictation devices and software, inserting or deleting audio can be done without accidentally overwriting prerecorded audio.

Improved Sound Quality for Transcription Dictation

Admittedly, not all sound recordings are of high quality. Transcription dictation of such sound files may be hard if not at all impossible. However, with the existence of advanced dictation devices, adjusting and optimizing the sound quality of such files may be done to make transcription easier. Moreover, other methods may be employed to adjust the audio’s sound quality. There are various noise cancelling software products making the transcription process easier. In this light, the transcription can be made with the highest accuracy.

Easy Division of Labor for Online Dictation Service

For bigger audio files needing digital dictation transcription, the advances of digital dictation can work wonders. Big files can be divided among multiple transcriptionists without the loss of quality and data. An online dictation service can allow the division of bigger files to enable faster turnaround for long lengths of dictations. This can be done through employment of special software or manual splicing of audio, easily done with built in computer software. In sharing the labor of transcription, since the files are already digital, these files can be shared with ease through various methods such as through FTP or manual sharing via CDs or flash drives, making the sharing process more efficient.

Compatibility of Dictation Transcription Service

Most digital recordings for transcription can be done with any electronic device capable of recording. As this is the case, dictation transcription service can be done with the most advanced recording devices or even the simplest phone with recording capacity. In addition, this allows for maximum compatibility with computers. Also, converting software is available, giving convenience to users of online dictation services.

Security of Digital Dictation Transcription

As transcribing may involve sensitive and highly secure information, workflow software may be used for digital dictation transcription to ensure the efficiency and the security of the files. Through these workflow software products, audio may be transferred both efficiently and securely between client and transcriptionist, allowing for the efficiency of work while ensuring the privacy of the client.