10 Signs that You Need Business Transcription

10 signs that you need business transcription

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What are the 10 signs to tell you need business transcription? Should you require help in transcribing an audio to text for business purposes, there has to be accuracy in all cases. But then so what are the signs you need such a service? Check these out.

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Top 10 Signs Your Business Needs Transcription

  1. You have many videos on your site; unfortunately, it does not have many articles.

  2. You and your team organize lots of seminars and webinars for your clients and prospects as well as internal presentations and trainings.

  3. You deliver talks and speeches at different TV shows and conferences.

  4. You or your colleagues are often talked to by business bloggers and the media.

  5. Your personal assistants and support team hardly copes and is very much overwhelmed.

  6. Your personal assistants and team members aren’t good at all in typing or transcription.

  7. You really do care about your business and its reputation and brand.

  8. You are very busy, with very expensive time to type on your emails, reports or letters.

  9. You are making conference calls, earnings calls and even organize lots of telephone interviews with your clients and business partners.

  10. Your support team calls out to your clients and prospects as a part of your customer research and retention activities.

Transcribing isn’t all about converting audio into text because there won’t be any need for its accuracy if it is. You should think of your branding and reputation if you own a business, and part of establishing such is to ensure you deliver and present accurate text from audio all the time. Without business transcription, there would be loads of misinformation around, maybe about your business, something you have to be careful about. If you can notice any or all of these signs, you probably need business transcription.